2bear latex pillow give you green sleep

Get green sleep

2bear latex pillow and latex mattress help you get green sleep .

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2bear latex pillow

Made using 100% natural latex with no additives or synthetic chemicals, it is the perfect addition to your bedroom furniture. It is soft, durable and provides excellent higher and lower neck support, resulting in comfortable sleep. The product comes with three firmness options including medium, firm and extra firm.

What are the benefits of latex pillows?


Naturally allergen free and perfect for everyone .

Maximum Comfort

Rest your head easy with optimal buoyancy and support

Minimal Care

Latex is naturally sterile making it easy to clean

No Off-gassing

No foul chemical odors to give you allergies at night


As it's soft but firm, elasticity allows you to flex all night.

Supported Sleep

No more aches when you get up in the morning

2bear latex mattress

100% natural latex mattress

For people who know what good mattress is, latex is usually the go-to type of mattress. Yes, latex is considered luxurious because of its ability to contour to the shape of your body. It is strong and has a firm innerspring with impressive cooling properties.

What are the benefits of latex mattress?


Latex is the only mattress material that is completely biodegradable


Its natural material structure helps prevent joint pain and promote spinal alignment


From great buoyancy to superior motion isolation properties

All Natural

Say goodbye to allergies caused by your mattress .


They last the longest, surpassing peers by years.


Latex’s structure allows heat to dissipate thoroughly and easily.

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