How to Choose a Pillow

How to Choose a Pillow

Sleep is a natural thing that human beings need. We tend to think of it as a time where our body completely shuts off but this is definitely not the case. Our bodies sleep because it activates our regeneration and strength gaining abilities. Healthy sleep is needed so that we will be able to achieve what our bodies are designed to do. Adults need around 7-9 hours of sleep per night and children need around 9 to 11 hours of sleep per night since they are at a development stage. But due to our busy schedule, it is often a problem to get enough sleep at night.

How do we achieve a good nights’ sleep? First, we need to choose the right pillow to help us achieve our goal! Aside from your mattress, choosing the right pillow to aid your sleep is crucial in producing a good nights’ sleep and of course, prevents you from having neck, back, and sometimes head problems when you wake up. Are you ready to get the best sleep of your life? Without further delay, let’s talk about that!

Position Yourself Properly

Many people from around the world would assume the fetal position when they are sleeping making it one of the most common sleep positions to date. But what is your sleeping position? Different sleepers have different positions that they usually sleep at and this is one of the crucial steps in finding the perfect pillow for you. Aside from the popular fetal position, there are also back and stomach sleepers. We’re pretty sure that by this time you already know what your sleeping position is but for people that are not sure, we’ve got a few simple pointers that you should look into.

  • Work with your mattress – Please keep in mind that a pillow works perfectly with the correct mattress. If you are planning to get a new mattress make sure to get that first then come back to this list to make sure that you get that in place. The last thing that we want to have is a pillow that would go the opposite way as what your mattress is providing.
  • Don’t be shy to explore – Your comfort and health are at stake here, do not be shy to explore positions that you haven’t tried out before. We spend a lot of time sleeping in our lifetime; this is something that you should take seriously. Take note of your breathing, comfort level, and contact. What we mean with “contact” is that some people sleep heavily and are comfortable the moment they lay down compared to others that will take a few more positions before achieving what others can do in an instant.
  • Experiment and take note – Knowing your sleeping position is harder that you think it is. It would take a few nights to discover your sleeping position to confirm it. Right before you think you are going to enter REM sleep see which position feels comfortable. When you wake up in the morning you also need to take note of the position you have been sleeping at as this is your subconscious and is probably the most honest sleeping position without any bias.
  • Skip fake sleeping positions – Never take into consideration the sleeping position you get comfortable with when you are having problems sleeping! Remember those nights when you just cannot sleep because you’re thinking about something? These are stressful nights and are not worth your data gathering.

Position and Pillow

Now that you’ve spent some time figuring which position is perfect for your sleeping, it’s time to decide which type of pillow to pick! In choosing the right pillow you need to know which position you sleep at night with. Below are common sleep positions on which pillow designs are molded from.

  • Fetal/Side – If you sleep on your side then you will need good neck support which calls for a thicker and firmer pillow. This is why most side sleepers find themselves supporter their head with their arm while they sleep because the pillow support they have is not enough for their neck.
  • Back/Supine – For people that love to sleep on their back would need to have a medium-thick pillow that will not push their head upwards and would result in an uncomfortable sleep due to improper neck position.
  • Stomach/Prone – People that love to sleep in a prone position would not usually need a pillow to help them sleep and sometimes all they need is their arms. For a more comfortable sleep experience, you need to get a soft and low-profile pillow to help with your neck and spine alignment.
  • Undecided – For people that are still unsure of what position they are really comfortable with then try to get something in between the list. Look for a soft medium-sized pillow that will work completely fine with almost all positions that you can think of!

Types of Pillow Filling

There are different kinds of pillows that exist today and educating yourself on what you need can have different results in the long run. If you have medical issues like allergies, asthma, or neck problems you need to put things into consideration. Please take note that different pillow fillings have different price ranges.

  1. Feather-filled – Due to the process involved in making feather-filled pillows this isn’t something that you will find easily today. Remember the pillows that your grandmother used to have or a scene from a cheesy movie where pillow fight scenes are shot? These pillows are usually made with either geese or duck plume and are lighter in general.
  2. Wool/Cotton – Compared to feather-filled pillows, will, and cotton variants tend to be on the tougher side of the scale. They are often seen as firm “heavy” depending on the material used. There are also synthetic versions of cotton and wool if you not like the natural material.
  3. Memory Foam – Originally designed for hospital use, this synthetic foam is made from polyurethane and comes in all shapes and sizes. The filling sways more on the firm side but is quite comfortable once it contours to the shape of your head. Since the material is man-made it can easily make your head sweat due to it not being breathable.
  4. Latex – A natural alternative that a lot of people today are looking into. Compared to memory foam, latex provides a more “breathable” material and works pretty fine with neck and back comfort. There are different types of latex filled pillows like shredded and solid forms that you need to consider. Since it’s made from rubber tree sap, it costs more.

Test Pillows

We’re not saying that you should try out your friends’ pillow, but getting to try out different materials will help you decide. It’s like buying a pair of boots, you think it looks great but when you tried it out it just doesn’t feel right! Going online and reading reviews from different pillow manufacturers will give you an idea of what to try out first. Always go for things that previous customers find great about the pillow type you want to buy and work around the things they do not like. Sometimes negative comments from people might be the things that you prefer to have your pillow.

Once you get an idea of what people are talking about online, try and find a physical store where you can actually feel the pillows for yourself. Some stores (not all) will have mattresses that you can try out (you can actually lay on them) which will, of course, sell pillows too. Try out your favorite position and see if that pillow works fine if it does then you have a winner! What if you are unable to lie down on a mattress then try it out on a flat wall; standing against the will with your back aligned might seem far-fetched but this is better than guessing which is the better pillow for you.

Buying on a budget can be a problem when it comes to looking for the best pillow for your neck because this hinders you from choosing the best one without thinking of breaking the bank since some of the fillings go way more than regular pillows. One thing that you do need to keep in mind when shopping for your next pillow is put comfort above the rest!


Choosing a pillow is something that seems to be an easy task but if you go through it meticulously it will open into something really huge and complex! Just the number of available types of pillows that you can buy in the market today is astonishing. Please do keep in mind the different types of fillings like feathers, wool, and cotton, latex or memory foam to make it easier for you to segregate one from another. Sleeping properly can be easily taken for granted since we do this every single day, it’s like breathing, we need to get enough sleep per day to be able to function properly as a human being. Good luck on the pillow hunt!


How to Choose a Pillow
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How to Choose a Pillow
Sleep is a natural thing that human beings need. We tend to think of it as a time where our body completely shuts off but this is definitely not the case. Our bodies sleep because it activates our regeneration and strength gaining abilities. Healthy sleep is needed so that we will be able to achieve what our bodies are designed to do.
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