Tips to Help Break in Your Latex Mattress Foam

Tips to Help Break in Your Latex Mattress Foam

So, you just had a new latex mattress shipped or delivered to you. You tear open the protective covering and properly fit in your bedsheet or latex topper. You arrange your latex pillow right at the top end and dive right in.

But something is not right. It does not feel as comfortable as you expected it to be. It feels a little hard.

Before we delve into how to make your newly bought latex mattress comfortable as soon as possible, we need to understand what a latex mattress is and why it can be sturdy at first.

What Is A Latex Mattress?

Many things affect sleep quality and your mattress choice is a critical one. Sleep experts and researchers are usually particular about mattress choice.  Chiropractors and health professionals too are almost always critical in choosing mattresses in treating sleep conditions.

All these professionals will recommend natural latex mattresses for both good sleep and in the treatment of sleep disorders.

Natural latex mattresses have been in use for a considerably long time since the 1930s. these mattresses have huge client satisfaction. So, they are always highly in demand. They provide people with amazing benefits, comfortability and durability.

To sweeten the deal, what is most appealing to customers and interesting is that they are made from natural sources. This makes them suitable and appropriate for the environment, what with the environmental challenges facing the world today.

No doubt, natural latex mattresses come out top when compared with other types of mattresses. This will also help you understand why you have to invest in latex mattresses.

How Are They Produced?

The manufacturing process is what sets these foams apart. The manufacturing process plays a huge role in making them quality and dependable mattresses.

Latex synthesis is the first step in manufacturing these foams. It is gotten from sap. The sap is initially extracted from rubber trees or Havea Brasiliensis, a tree that is very abundant in tropical areas.

From this point onwards, the manufacturing process follows two different methods namely:

  • The Dunlop method; and
  • The Talalay method

Both methods rely on a process called vulcanization, which is the process by which latex is solidified.

The manufacturing process has a lot of impact on how good you sleep. Some of the additives added to in the production of non-natural latex mattresses and non-latex mattresses (polyurethane foam and memory foam are petroleum-based) in general include: Propylene oxide, toluene diisocyanate and a number of VOCs (volatile organic compounds)

Knowing All These, Why Should I Get A Latex Mattress?

The end product of a natural or organic latex mattress is a lattice-type structure with regular or irregular spacing within the mattresses.

The upside of this is that air is evenly distributed and circulated, which is further improved in the manufacturing process when pin-holes are employed. This is why latex mattresses come highly recommended in hot weather and even cooler climates.

Natural latex mattresses provide adequate comfort and support for the spine. When you buy a new latex mattress, expect it not to fail you in this regard.

Latex mattresses are soft and supportive mattresses. They are made this way so that they are able to help alleviate pain and provide adequate rest unlike what is derived from other types of mattresses.

Additionally, these mattresses can help evenly distribute body pressure thereby reducing pressure points on the body, and properly holding up the spine. They are regularly recommended by health specialists, physiotherapists and chiropractors in the generally treatment of back and muscle pain.

They are also resistant to dust mites, moulds and bacteria. It appeals more to consumers because man-made chemicals and synthetics are not added to it.

Latex mattresses are extremely durable, if not the most durable types of mattress in the market today, with users using them for up to 20, 30 years.

They can used for a considerable long time without sagging or flatting out. Moreover, if you are going to buy a mattress, why not get one that can last you a long time?

And Very Importantly, Latex Mattresses Are Very Easy to Break In

Now that you have seen why you should get a latex mattress and you have ordered for one, one more thing remains: breaking in your mattress.

Breaking in is a term used to describe when you cause something new to function more naturally by using it frequently.

Breaking in your new mattress does not require any special skill or any extra money. All It takes or needs is you, your time, some effort and patience.

Why Do I need To Break the Latex Mattress In?

We hear all the time that after a night sleep instead of feeling well rested, individuals wake up feeling more tired and with new sores ad pains on their body. Now note that in some cases, this may not be due to a poorly created mattress. Chances are, due to your use of a mattress for several years, your body might be finding it difficult to adjust to the new one.

The fixation of your body on your previous mattress can be attributed to muscle memory. Here, your body is being made to suddenly adjust to a new environment (bed) that it is no used to. As a result, we recommend given your new mattress at least a month to be broken in but according to 8Sleep, for some people It may be more.

Complaining About the New Foam Is Very Normal

But before that happens, some people complain; and that is a fairly normal complain.

Many users complain of waking up sore from sleep. This is because your old mattress has been supporting your body in a wrong manner. Now that you have a new mattress, and one that is supporting the ligaments of your body in the right manner, your body needs adjusting.

It takes a little patience – as with adjusting to all things – but you will definitely love your mattress once you are done.

Latex mattresses are not difficult to break in. because the material is elastic in nature, customers usually don’t experience much significant difference between the first day and two, three weeks or a month later.

Thing is, latex mattresses are ready to perform and satisfy you, the customer, from day one.

However, they come in various degrees of firmness and from different manufacturers. If your mattress feels rather uncomfortable, there are a few things you can do all by yourself to soften it up.

Let Air Flow

Remember that latex mattresses have an open-cell structure that allows air flow within the foam. When you get your delivery, you should set your foam out for a while, so that air can flow through again. This is because it might have been squeezed during delivery thereby compressing the cells.

Use Loose Bed Fittings at First

If after the aeration and setting up of the mattress, you want to start using bedding fittings, make sure you use loose ones. This way your bedding fittings do not get in the way of your mattress becoming softer.

Play on Your Bed. Maybe with Your Partner Too

Try to walk on the mattress for a while. Latex mattresses are highly durable so you do not have to worry about flattening it out. You can do a few jumps-nothing serious-and crouching on the bed. You can also put some books and materials with weight on the foam. And you can invite your partner over too.

As you continuously apply weight to the mattress, the more comfortable the mattress will become as it gets adjusted.

Do not Rush the Process

One very important thing is that the mattress conforms to your body shape. It is a feature common to latex mattresses; but this will take some time to happen. You need to be patient. Do not be in a hurry to complain and return the mattress but still, you should make sure your mattress has warranty covering it in case you do encounter a situation requiring a return.


To break in your mattress, make sure you sleep on your bed every time. Usually, two to three weeks is enough to get used to the new product.

There’s still period of adjusting you will have to go through and it is no fault of your new mattress. Remember that you have been using the old mattress for a considerably long time. It will take some time for your body to adjust. Give it time.

You should also endeavour to ask your manufacturer or seller about the break in period. They should give you a dependable estimate of the time needed for it to suit your wants and needs.

Tips to Help Break in Your Latex Mattress Foam
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Tips to Help Break in Your Latex Mattress Foam
Before we delve into how to make your newly bought latex mattress comfortable as soon as possible, we need to understand what a latex mattress is and why it can be sturdy at first.
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